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featured books

CMOS Memory Circuits by Tegze Haraszti
CMOS Memory Circuits is a systematic and comprehensive reference work designed to aid in the understanding of CMOS memory circuits, architectures and design techniques. CMOS technology is the dominant fabrication method and almost the exclusive choicek.... (read more)

$185.00 / Each

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VERILOG QuickStart : A Practical Guide to Simulation and Synthesis in VERILOG by James Lee
Verilog™ Quickstart, Second Edition, has been revised and updated in accordance with the new IEEE 1364-1999 standard, much of which applies to synthesizable Verilog. New examples have been included as well as additional material added throughout. Verilogo.... (read more)

$92.00 / Each

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Essentials of Electronic Testing for Digital, Memory, and Mixed-Signal VLSI Circuits by Michael Bushnell
Today's electronic design and test engineers deal with several types of subsystems, namely, digital, memory, and mixed-signal, each requiring different test and design for testability methods. This book provides a careful selection of essential topics onp.... (read more)

$123.00 / Each

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Reference Data for Engineers Radio, Electronics, Computers and Communications by Mac Van Valkenburg
Reference Data for Engineers is the most respected, reliable, and indispensable reference tool for technical professionals around the globe. Written by professionals for professionals, this book is a complete reference for engineers, covering a broad ranh.... (read more)

$150.00 / Each

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Design, Simulation and Applications of Inductors and Transformers for SI RF ICS by Ali Niknejad
Wireless RF and microwave ICs depend critically on passive devices, such as inductors, capacitors, and transformers. Passive devices allow the optimization of key RF circuit building blocks by minimizing noise, maximizing gain and frequency of operation,e.... (read more)

$110.00 / Each

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Microsystem Design by Stephen Senturia
The goal of this book is to bring together into one accessible text the fundamentals of the many disciplines needed by today's engineer working in the field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The subject matter is wide-ranging: microfabricatio/.... (read more)

$125.00 / Each

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