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Title: Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor Testing
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Author: Perry, Guy
Description: This engineering reference book details the concepts and techniques used in testing digital semiconductors. DC, AC and Functional 350-030 exam tests are explained in detail and
various test methods are discussed and illustrated, along with the advantage and disadvantage of each method.

The "Hows and Whys" of each DC test are explained. Datalog examples showing possible pas 350-080 certification s and fail conditions and a trouble shooting guide outlines the steps needed to identify and solve problems related to each individual test.

Device specifications, device characterization, yield analysis, debug techniques, datalogs, shmoo plots and many more topics are 352-001 certification explained in detail.

Additional topics include Structural Defects, Defect Oriented Testing,
Fault Coverage, Design-for-Testability, Scan, BIST,
JTAG, IDDQ and 400-051 exam Structural Test.

This book is designed to be a "Cook Book" for Test, Product and
Applications Engineers and it's packed full of all the recipes you'll need. 350-018The "Fundamentals of
Digital Semiconductor Testing" condenses many years of test engineering experience into a single reference.
$105.00 / Each

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Average Rating:

2 Total Reviews

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Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor testing
Fundamentals of Digital Semiconductor testing

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