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ATE World Stock Index

The ATE World Stock Index is comprised of some of the major players in the ATE Industry. The index is calculated using the following formula:

Each company is given their own "index ratio" that is proportional to the amount of ATE products & services they sell, with the maximum ratio being 1. The ratio is then multiplied by the company's current stock price and added to the ATEW index.

The companies that currently comprise the ATE World Stock Index are:

IR = Index Ratio
RSP = Recent Stock Price
SIRT = Stock Index

Company Symbol IR RSP SIRT
National Instruments NATI .9 33.76 30.38
Teradyne TER .9 32.9 29.61
Agilent A .8 28.9 23.12
Schlumberger SLB .5 53.45 26.73
Credence Systems Corp CMOS .9 21.95 19.76
LTX Corporation LTXX .9 20.05 18.05
CR Technology PHTN .6 33.18 19.91

ATEW Stock Index = 171.88
(If you know of a company you think should be added to this index, please contact us and tell us the name of the company and their stock symbol)

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